We help you better understand and communicate your unique brain health.

Optimal brain health leads to better quality of life with improvements in:

Your biology informs your brain health plan.

We map and reveal communications in your brain to develop your unique brain health protocol, no matter the cause.

Our Approach is:


Your EEG is an objective, diagnostic tool.


Our equipment is FDA-cleared.


Your care is targeted and specific to you.

We foster a supportive brain health community.

Braincare Performance Center is a supportive community for brain health and healing with cutting-edge research, technology, diagnostics, education, and resources. We’re an extension of your wellness team, supporting you throughout your brain health journey.

“So many people suffer from hidden ailments. I get it. That was me a few years ago. I was fortunate to find this cutting-edge approach that changed my life for the better. I’m passionate about creating a community of hope and healing to help people take back their lives.”
Sean Haberberger, owner and former US Navy SEAL

We’re on your wavelength.

We invest in your journey to optimal brain health by providing an elevated standard of care characterized by empathy and expertise. We take the time to understand your individual needs to help you reach your brain health goals.