What To Expect

We deliver top-notch service and care for our clients and their families.

You can expect a client-centric experience with a care team focused on helping you achieve optimal brain health.

We understand the challenges.

It’s normal for people affected by brain disorders to feel frustrated, isolated, and hopeless. We guide you through the process so you can make an informed decision about whether MeRT is the right treatment for you or your loved one.

Many of our Care Team have gone through MeRT themselves and can share firsthand the benefits they have experienced. They take the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and put your mind at ease.

Is MeRT right for you?

To determine if MeRT is right for you or your loved one, we schedule two 45-minute appointments.


Our technician performs an EEG and an EKG. We send these diagnostics to our clinical and scientific team for analysis.


Our clinician meets one-on-one with you to review insights, discuss eligibility, answer questions, and schedule therapy based on your custom protocols.

A typical therapy session lasts 45 minutes. Our technician delivers gentle magnetic impulse to targeted areas of the brain with a hand-held device for six to eight seconds each minute. The process is non-surgical, non-invasive, and non-pharmaceutical.

The sessions generally last from six to eight weeks. Protocols and results may vary. Regularly scheduled follow-up EEGs gauge your progress and inform any follow-on care.

Contact our Client Care Coordinator for a consultation call.

Our Care Team is happy to talk with you, explain our EEG-guided protocols, and answer any questions you may have.