How It Works

We deliver therapy where your brain needs it most.

We analyze your brainwaves to map your journey to optimal brain health.

By combining our deep expertise in neuroscience with machine learning analysis we create custom, targeted protocols to enable brain breakthroughs.

How It Works


Informed care through technology.

You have a unique brainwave signature. We conduct an electroencephalogram (EEG) to map your specific brain function and activity. This objective, digital baseline analysis reveals frequencies that are not functioning optimally. We pair this test with an electrocardiogram (EKG) to analyze your heart rate linked to brain-heart coherence as part of your overall health assessment.

The EEG allows us to see patterns of dysfunction that identify varying disorders of the brain, such as learning and behavioral issues, emotional disorders, brain injury, and others. The EEG provides us with a map that guides each individually tailored therapy plan.


Translate brainwaves into insights.

Your EEG is analyzed and processed by our data science lab to inform your personal braincare protocol. This protocol, tailored to your brain, intelligently choreographs brainwave activity into a more synchronized pattern.

In most cases we can visibly reshape brainwave activity, regardless of the underlying issue, to encourage healthy brain communication.


Deliver precision care.

Your braincare protocol is delivered via in-clinic, outpatient therapy. Our FDA-cleared equipment delivers gentle, mild pulses of energy to stimulate the brain by frequency, location, and output intensity to identify and activate neural network pathways. These magnetic waves allow us to gently stimulate specifically targeted areas of your brain.

A trained technician positions the magnetic coil on your head. This coil delivers your individualized treatment protocol to the targeted region of the brain. Our technician applies stimulation for six to eight seconds per minute. Sessions are typically 30-45 minutes, five days per week for approximately six to eight weeks.


Reassess and track progress.

Your care is objectively measured, managed, and evaluated every two weeks to assess changes in brainwave activity and illuminate your progress resulting from brain stimulation.

We take sequential EEG and EKG recordings every 10 treatments to monitor progress and make any necessary modifications to your treatment protocol. This ensures we’re always taking the best approach based on your unique needs.


We’re on your wavelength.

We invest in your journey to optimal brain health by providing an elevated standard of care characterized by empathy and expertise. We take the time to understand your individual needs to help you reach your brain health goals.