We make brain health more accessible.

Our SonalTM device effectively improves your overall wellness in the comfort of your home.

Enjoy improved wellness, deeper sleep, better cognition, more self-control, and sharper focus – all in the setting of your choice.

Sonal is an innovative alternative to the in-center experience.

SonalTM features our cutting-edge, non-invasive technology in a take-home device. We designed Sonal to deliver gentle magnetic pulses at a frequency suited for in-home use.

How It Works

As with our in-center protocols, your Sonal braincare plan is informed by your EEG throughout the process.

Inform care through technology.

We let your EEG guide your therapy.

Translate brainwaves into insights.

We analyze your biometric data to provide us with a map for your tailored plan.

Deliver precision care.

The Sonal device gently stimulates areas of your brain during 30-minute daily sessions over a 30-day duration.

Reassess and track progress.

Your care is objectively measured, managed, and evaluated to assess changes. Learn more about how we develop and assess your personal braincare plan.


We’re on your wavelength.

We invest in your journey to optimal brain health by providing an elevated standard of care characterized by empathy and expertise. We take the time to understand your individual needs to help you reach your brain health goals.