A Targeted Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

This non-invasive, drug-free, targeted therapy balances the brain where it has been impacted by PTSD and aims to improve both mental and physical outcomes.

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can happen to anyone who has experienced trauma or prolonged, chronic stress. These invisible wounds affect your ability to function in day-to-day life and can cause significant issues.

Depression and anxiety disorders, including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, often accompany PTSD fueling feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. We can help.

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Living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or witnessing a loved one suffer from PTSD can be incredibly tough. PTSD is caused by experiencing or witnessing terrifying events, violence, or from going through extended periods of extreme stress. Some individuals who experience trauma will have periods of on and off coping or grieving, and then as time passes, they will eventually feel relief from their symptoms. For many others, the crippling feelings of PTSD can last for months, years, or even a lifetime.

PTSD doesn’t only affect Veterans, it can happen to anyone who has experienced significant trauma or loss such as various forms of abuse, prolonged or chronic stress, sexual/physical/mental assault, being involved in an accident, having a near-death experience, combat exposure, serious illness, or anything else that may cause you to perceive that your life is threatened. Many of us felt the impacts of trauma during the Covid-19 pandemic and continue to feel its lasting impact in our every day lives. It’s important to understand that whether you experience a large traumatic event or a handful of smaller traumatic events, the impacts can be continuous and difficult.

MeRT is highly effective in treating the burdensome symptoms of PTSD. PTSD is typically the result of disruptions in the front of the brain. Our custom MeRT protocols have been shown to improve synchronization and lead to significant and long-lasting improvements.

*Results are based on active and strict observation and participation of our programs. Results may vary from case to case.


“Sometimes our brain will get stuck in a frequency that it’s not comfortable at.”

“Functionally what’s happening is that we’re reminding the brain where it wants to be, where it’s most comfortable. It’s tapping into our natural biological mechanism. Mother Nature designed us as healing organisms, whether it’s putting two ends of a broken bone together allowing it to heal, or two ends of a wound together. In this case, sometimes our brain will get stuck in a frequency that it’s not comfortable at, for whatever reason. We’re (MeRT) just giving it that reminder to go back.”

“When we get these brain images (qEEG), whether it’s through the physical trauma of a blast injury, or the chemical trauma of years of drug use, or the emotional trauma of seeing a loved one pass away, we may find areas of the brain that are not cycling at the same rate as the rest of our cortex area that’s not working properly and try to stimulate it and remind it that it wants to fire at a certain frequency and a certain rate.”

Dr. Erik Won, President of Wave Neuroscience

Results may vary based on the individual user and are not guaranteed.

“Trauma is not just an internal, ethereal, emotional thing – but there’s actual parts of the brain where you can see that it actually had an impact. EEG’s, or electrical images of the brain, can tell us when there are abnormalities in neural networks.”

Dr. Erik Won,
President of Wave Neuroscience,
from his appearance on the Broken Brain Podcast

“After a full course of MeRT at Braincare™ Performance Center – DTC in Denver the results are profound and offer a deep sense of long desired relief.”

“To treat a 20 year long episode of acute PTSD caused by a severe boating accident, I tried every therapy option I had access to. My PTSD caused severe claustrophobia, depression, anxiety and at times very dark, loop type thinking that built on itself until sometimes leading to deep frustration and lack of ability to enjoy life or being present.”

“After a full course of MeRT at Braincare Performance Center – DTC in Denver the results are profound and offer a deep sense of long desired relief.”

“I am now able to create space between my thoughts and actions and take far better decisions leading to a sense of deep calm. At times when I slip into moments of frustration they are much shorter lived now, and best of all they simply go away after a few minutes and do not spiral into a self-defeating sense of resentment. My negative thinking during morning hours has nearly gone away. I am able to smile, look people in the eye and engage without putting off any sort of hostile vibe. I have had no lasting side effects. I can still write novels and tell jokes. My ability to perform tasks such as reading reports and filling out forms has improved.”

“The reality is now I can feel success in every way being attracted to me, in business and in relationships. I even seem to catch more fish now (really). This is because the world is not attracted to folks that are not balanced, that might snap, that create conflict where it does not need to exist. The world is attracted to emotionally healthy people and MeRT allows that to happen in ways no drug ever could for me.”

“It may be hard to believe that a mechanical therapy like MeRT could work so well, but the brain is wiring and electricity and when the wires short circuit from trauma they need to be set straight again or the thought process and related emotional reactions will remain broken.”

“I do feel that a key reason for my incredible success with MeRT was the top flight team at Braincare Performance Center – DTC in Denver. In the start of the therapy MeRT does get the mind going and can cause some initial temporary increased sensitivity and racing thoughts – it takes a professional staff to offer the needed support to allow folks like me to get through the shake out period. I can say the staff at Braincare Performance Center – DTC in Denver, 100% offered a deeply supportive environment for me to gain full benefit from the MeRT therapy – they have a clear culture of truly caring for their patients in a way that I have not seen in other clinics.”

“A special note to our veterans who bravely served who have PTSD – GET MeRT, GET IT NOW! If the VA or insurance will not cover it, seek help with veterans groups to do a crowd source funding to pay for it – it will stem your PTSD, allow you to live a full and happy life and even maybe save your own life or that of a loved one. You do not have to suffer any longer if I were a billionaire, I would pay for each and every veteran to obtain a full MERT treatment course – who knows one day that may in fact one day be the case.” Chris Goldblatt – Santa Barbara, California

Benefits from MeRT Treatment for PTSD can include:

  • Increased sleep quality and duration
  • Increased ability to adapt to change
  • Heightened awareness and perception
  • Increased resiliency
  • Improvement in clarity of thought
  • Increased attention span
  • Improvement in mood
  • Increased sociability
  • Decreased cravings (e.g. drugs and alcohol)
  • Increased motivation
  • Improved self-confidence and self esteem
  • Increased concentration and focus
  • Reduction of anxiety

“I felt like I was alone even though I was surrounded by love and care. It was just a cloud that would linger over my life every now and again. MeRT helped me understand what was going on in my head and after a month of treatment, I was grateful to be depression free and medication free for the first time in my life.” – Real MeRT Client

Treatment for Active Duty Service Members and Veterans

Nearly 1 in 4 service members return home with signs of a mental health condition.

Many service men and women experience a myriad of mental health symptoms when they return from duty. Although PTSD is still considered off-label for MeRT (Advanced rTMS) many Veterans in addition to their PTSD diagnosis have signs and symptoms of Depression and/or Major Depressive Disorder. We are proud to be a part of the TriWest Healthcare Alliance and to be able to support our Veterans through their Community Care Program.

To Get Started
Step 1: Go to the VA

  1. Schedule an appointment with your VA Care Provider (Primary Care Physician, Psychiatrist, etc.)
  2. Ask your VA Care Provider to refer you to Braincare Performance Center – DTC for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) Therapy through the Community Care Program. Provide them with the following information:
    Braincare Performance Center – DTC
    7100 E. Belleview Ave. G-14,
    Greenwood Village, CO 80111
    Phone: (720) 586-4067
    Fax: (720) 405-4287

    *IMPORTANT: Make sure the VA confirms you are eligible and authorized for treatment before proceeding with step 2.

Step 2: Make an appointment with Braincare Performance Center – DTC

  1. Call us directly at (720) 586-4067 to schedule your first appointment!
  2. We will follow up with the VA to obtain your referral through the Community Care Program and verify logistics.

Step 3: Start MeRT (Advanced rTMS)

  1. Let us help you start a new chapter in your life!
“Even though I still feel very proud and justified of my services it doesn’t mean it didn’t cost. I wasn’t sleeping well, I wasn’t performing well in a professional capacity. Personally, I feel like I was just getting by. I had to coin a phrase from my wife, I think she would say that before MeRT I was angry, cagey, depressed. The last couple of years, the Covid years, were stressful on everyone but I was pretty much at rock bottom. My wife right now post-MeRT sees me as happy, I’m able to do things, I have a lot more energy. I definitely saw initial benefit from the first six weeks of MeRT, but the cumulative effects of MeRT have continued in the months since and that’s something that I really think is important to understand. MeRT has changed me so fundamentally I am just very thankful.”
-Kevin S., U.S. Navy Veteran
Do you have questions we can help answer?

Our Client Care Coordinator is standing by and ready to answer any questions you may have, explain our process and fees and also help you decide if MeRT is the right treatment for you. We can also get your Initial EEG study and Initial Medical Consultation scheduled as a next best step to see how you may benefit from MeRT.