MeRT for Autism

A Breakthrough Therapy

 Gentle, Non-Invasive, MeRT can help activate more processing power for the brain and lead our ASD clients to feeling more connection and comprehension, better understanding, improved mood & more.

MeRT Provides Hope for Families and Individuals with ASD

MeRT (Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy) is an innovative, state-of-the-art program. MeRT utilizes a quantitative EEG/EKG brain scan to help highlight where individual brain dysregulation or patterns of dysfunction are occurring. Our therapy is then customized based on each client’s needs, this can create a dramatic improvement in communication, awareness, mood, and more.

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*Results are based on active and strict observation and participation of our programs. Results may vary from case to case.


Braincare Performance Center – DTC offers MeRT for children and adults who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects each person differently. No two people have the exact same experience with Autism, but there can be some commonalities due to inhibited brain function, how individuals view the outside world, and how people communicate with one another. Social skills, learning styles, interacting with others, and the ability to function independently of care can all be influenced by this diagnosis. Individuals with ASD can also feel atypical responses or reactions to everyday stimuli, whether that be with other people, new environments, or unfamiliar situations. There are a handful of different therapies that can support individuals diagnosed with Autism, and MeRT can be used in conjunction with most other programs or can be offered independently of other programs. A diagnosis of Autism can be overwhelming for parents, but early intervention can be key to the child’s development. MeRT isn’t a cure for Autism, but most patients see significant improvement in social skills, communication, sleep patterns, improved moods and more which in turn can help jumpstart and promote a more independent lifestyle. By utilizing the targeted treatment plans offered through MeRT and encouraging the whole brain to optimize, individuals can also see accelerations in other programs like Applied Behavior Analysis, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and more.

“We’ve seen some promising results in Autism.”

“EEGs (electrical pictures of the brain) can tell us when there are abnormalities in neural networks. … And we run that data through a normative database, and we can see, for example, if somebody has an area in the left prefrontal cortex that’s cycling at two Hertz — which means that they may be only processing information two times per second — whereas the rest of their brain may be cycling 11 times per second. …

[MeRT] was engineered to be a brain optimization technology where we’re trying to increase the coherence, [so] different areas of the brain can communicate with each other and improve the metabolic efficiency of the brain. With that in mind, we do see some improvements across a number of different dimensions. We’ve seen some improvements and some promising results in autism.” – Dr. Erik Won, President of Wave Neuroscience, from his appearance on the Broken Brain podcast

Dr. Erik Won, President of Wave Neuroscience

Results may vary based on the individual user and are not guaranteed.

A Mother’s Story…

We have a beautiful daughter, Raquel and she was diagnosed with severe autism at the young age of 1 ½ years. Rachel did not follow directions, she did not look into my eyes, she did not want to be touched, she did not speak, she did not listen or respond to her name, she did not distinguish me as her mother, and I could clearly feel she was very anxious all the time.

 Desperate, and with the intention of doing my best to guarantee a better quality of life for my daughter, for 4 years I investigated and took all available routes to try to help her overcome her condition. I took her to different types of therapy (phonoaudiology, occupational, behavioral, and sensory integration), in addition to a diet regime free of casein and gluten. All these efforts were important and helped my daughter have small signs of improvement, but Raquel was far from making any significant progress – doctors still gave her the same severe diagnosis.

 It was not until the fourth year of this endless quest that we finally came up with something that would change our lives, and the life of our daughter forever.
When it seemed that all alternatives were exhausted, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet told me about a new therapy in Newport Beach, California, called MeRT,  which consisted of repetitive brain stimulation through magnetic waves. There was already strong empirical evidence that they help to regulate brain functioning quickly, safely, effectively and permanently.


Raquel and her mother, Miriam
Raquel and her dad

When it seemed that all alternatives were exhausted, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet told me about a new therapy in Newport Beach, California, called MeRT,  which consisted of repetitive brain stimulation through magnetic waves. There was already strong empirical evidence that they help to regulate brain functioning quickly, safely, effectively and permanently.

 Dr. Bradstreet explained that there were 20% of people who, for some unknown reason, did not respond to treatment, but an 80% chance of improvement was definitely an opportunity that I was not willing to let go, especially if it had to do with the well-being of my girl.

I traveled to California and they explained what the treatment consisted of. Rachel was going to do an EEG (Electroencephalogram) to determine exactly what was happening in her brain so that they could design a treatment tailored to her needs.

The study confirmed that the front of her brain did not work properly so Rachel did not process the information like the other children. With the clearest panorama, and high optimism, I agreed to start treatment immediately. I could not wait to start.

On the first day of therapy I thought my daughter wouldn’t cooperate. To my surprise she seemed to enjoy the procedure. Obviously at the end of the day I saw no changes in her behavior, but I did not expect to see results so fast. The story takes a really unexpected turn for all of us at the end of the second day of therapy.

We went back to the house of some relatives, where we were spending the night, and Raquel approached me, with a glass between her little hands asking me to give her some “Juz”. There are no words that can express the emotions that I felt at that moment. All the people who know me ask me if I shed tears of joy in that moment. It was the first time I could say that I had heard the voice of my 4 year old daughter. Incredibly this was not all. A few minutes later my daughter went out to the garden of the house, approached a lemon tree, took one and brought it to her face to smell it. For a little girl who practically lived in the corner of the room, interacting with her shadow, this was a revelation, to the point that a few moments later, when her sister took the lemon from her hands, Raquel demanded loudly “My, Lemon?” Only two days of therapy had passed and we suddenly had what seemed, for the first time in her short life, a normal child.

At the end of the second week of treatment, we arrived at the Clinic excited and very eager to share with the medical staff the great advances that we had seen after the second therapy. The Director of Center approached me and asked me to accompany him to the game room where Raquel was. I will never forget that moment. He said, “Look at your daughter.” Raquel was there, sitting by a window. She was pointing to the passing cars and asking out loud: “Blue Car?”, “Green Car?”, also an airplane “Blue Plane with White?”

Most incredible of all was that not only had she improved her ability to communicate, but her emotional projection also took a 180-degree turn. My daughter now asked me to pick her up and carry her in my arms. She hugged me for the first time voluntarily and repeatedly for more than 15 minutes. Aside from improving in language, she also improved her emotional connection. They were the most beautiful 15 minutes of my life. My daughter recognized me and expressed it openly and freely for the first time.
Since that day she did not let me go, everything she wanted to do, was with me. When I realized these great changes I began to carry out other activities with my daughter. What I can not forget to mention is that Raquel’s anxiety did not allow us to take her anywhere. When we went to a mall, the screams were so loud that a man even asked if she needed an ambulance. To take her to the U.S. was horrible too, because customs officers could not understand how this girl could not calm down with her mother. After 3 weeks of therapy Raquel even tolerated going to Disney. That frightful part of our lives was over. Now I was free to walk with my daughter and she was for the first time able to enjoy the rides. I meditated about why God sent this miracle to me. I came to the conclusion that if Raquel did so well, it had to be for something greater than us. At the end of the Treatment and seeing the progress, I decided to meet with the key people of the company and asked them to send a MeRT machine to Panama. When I got to the office I sat down with them and explained that I would not be able to live without the machine that brought me so many miracles. It took a year, but we finally managed to open the doors of Brain Treatment Center in Panama, and provide thousands of people with a treatment that could be the change they sought in their lives, closer, more accessible and comfortable.

Raquel’s Mother

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* Results are based on active and strict observation of our regimens. Results may vary based on the individual user and are not guaranteed.

Benefits from MeRT for Autism can include:

  • Improved sleep and increased sleep duration
  • More relaxed demeanor, less anxiety, less stimming behaviors
  • Improved ability to cope with stress or adapt to new environments
  • More intentional interaction with others
  • Elevated moods
  • Increased attention span
  • Bigger bandwidth to stay focused
  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Emotional stability and more awareness of the world around them
  • Enhance language and verbal skills

“Our son is now at a private school with no special ed teacher to support him, and he is able to succeed without the extra support. It’s a small classroom, but last year it would have been impossible. He has made such strides socially, with non verbal cues, being flexible, and regulating his frustrations. His occupational therapist has been amazed as well. She evaluated him before he started treatment with you, but started therapy after we returned from treatment. She says that he has been crushing the prescribed program – he scored significantly above expectations at the latest eval and he is speeding through the stages. We are thrilled by his progress and the fact that he can play with other kids – he’s had numerous play dates at our house and they’ve gone well. This touches our hearts more than anything – that he has friends now. Thank you for making this treatment available and for guiding us through the process. We look forward to summer”
David J
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