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Our clients share how their braincare journey has led to improvements in their overall health and in their lives.

My goal is to keep my son in a mainstream school. After just a few weeks of MeRT, he was able to better control his responses to stressful situations. He can now stop his meltdowns from escalating, so they are not as severe, allowing him to use coping skills instead.

The Braincare Performance Center understands that unknown things can be unsettling and stressful for people with ASD. The team was so helpful and kind. They explained every step in simple terms, offered flexibility during the treatment itself, and kept my son engaged throughout.

D.F., Parent of Child Coping with Autism Spectrum Disorder

MeRT enabled my daughter to do things again. After treatment, there were noticeable changes in her behavior. She was more energized and motivated. She started exercising again – she hadn’t been to the gym for two years. She started sleeping better, making new friends, going to sleepovers, and getting great grades. She started laying her clothes out, making lunch, and prepping for the day. The real anxiety is gone. She’s back to being more normal kid.

Braincare  Performance Center invests in people. They’re honest and compassionate with a real desire to help improve lives.

– Parent of Teen with Living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression

Visualization of my progress through the EEG is helpful, and I’m feeling real returns for the first time in years. I’m connecting to old music again. I have some flashes of the veil being lifted. I’m not feeling the weight of my depression.

What I love about Braincare Performance Center is the high degree of care they have for me. There’s no B.S. It’s very scientific, dynamic, and personalized.

– Anonymous, Adult Suffering from Treatment Resistant Depression

MeRT has made a huge difference in the life of my daughter, and as a result, the lives of our entire family. We saw improvements with sensory processing, communication, and socialization. Most notable, however, were the differences in learning. School work became exponentially easier to process and understand. We experienced so much more peace in our home this school year as the benefits of MeRT continued months after the treatment had ended. I am so grateful to have discovered this amazing treatment.

– S.J., Parent of Child Struggling with ADHD & Trauma

I have historically struggled with depression and anxiety and also have considered myself a highly sensitive person since early childhood. Having endured the last few years of COVID and feeling the changes on a local and global level, my mental health and stability has noticeably changed. I really didn’t know what to expect when I started MeRT, I was hopeful but wanted to remain realistic. Within the first two weeks of MeRT I started to feel small moments of spontaneous joy that I haven’t felt in years. My mental clarity felt sharper, and I began to feel happiness that has felt just out of reach for a long time. I find myself sitting in moments of gratitude and thankfulness when I’m feeling overwhelmed instead of shutting down – I am starting to get pieces of me back. I would encourage anyone reading this to understand that MeRT feels like the key that unlocked the door that I have been wanting to open for a long time – it’s become a big piece of my puzzle, a catalyst for change.

– Anonymous, Adult Managing Depression and Anxiety

I suffered from severe chronic depression to the point that I couldn’t go to work or do anything. I honestly accepted that depression was my life and had given up hope for a future. I came across this center and in a desperate state decided to give it a chance. I was greeted by an incredible staff and started noticing that I felt better in the first month. As I kept progressing further into treatment I began to feel like a different person. Thanks to the treatment I can get out of bed every day and stay awake. I started working again and I’m actively doing things that I enjoy. I have hope for my future.

– Julia, P., Adult Seeking Help for Major Depressive Disorder, Addiction, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Anxiety

I absolutely loved going into Braincare Performance Center – DTC for therapy. After a physical brain injury when I was young along with the effects of CPTSD, MeRT therapy helped to recalibrate in a way that allows me to sleep better, think more clearly, and save energy. Before therapy I  was experiencing debilitating exhaustion and now I’m moving through my days with far more mental energy. Erin was so calming and truly an extraordinary human to work with. Everyone at Braincare Performance Center – DTC was so welcoming and pleasant.

– Anonymous, Adult Managing Depression and Anxiety

To treat a 20 year long episode of acute PTSD caused by a severe boating accident, I tried every therapy option I had access to. My PTSD caused severe claustrophobia, depression, anxiety and at times very dark, loop type thinking that built on itself until sometimes leading to deep frustration and lack of ability to enjoy life or being present.

After a full course of MERT at Braincare Performance Center – DTC  in Denver- the results are profound and offer a deep sense of long desired relief.

I am now able to create space between my thoughts and actions and take far better decisions leading to a sense of deep calm. At times when I slip into moments of frustration they are much shorter lived now, and best of all they simply go away after a few minutes and do not spiral into a self-defeating sense of resentment. My negative thinking during morning hours has nearly gone away. I am able to smile, look people in the eye and engage without putting off any sort of hostile vibe. I have had no lasting side effects. I can still write novels and tell jokes. My ability to perform tasks such as reading reports and filling out forms has improved.

The reality is now I can feel success in every way being attracted to me, in business and in relationships. I even seem to catch more fish now (really). This is because the world is not attracted to folks that are not balanced, that might snap, that create conflict where it does not need to exist. The world is attracted to emotionally healthy people and MERT allows that to happen in ways no drug ever could for me.

It may be hard to believe that a mechanical therapy like MERT could work so well, but the brain is wiring and electricity and when the wires short circuit from trauma they need to be set straight again or the thought process and related emotional reactions will remain broken.

I do feel that a key reason for my incredible success with MERT was the top flight team at Braincare Performance Center – DTC  in Denver. In the start of the therapy MERT does get the mind going and can cause some initial temporary increased sensitivity and racing thoughts- it takes a professional staff to offer the needed support to allow folks like me to get through the shake out period. I can say the staff at Braincare Performance Center – DTC  in Denver, 100% offered a deeply supportive environment for me to gain full benefit from the MERT therapy – they have a clear culture of truly caring for their patients in a way that I have not seen in other clinics.

A special note to our veterans who bravely served who have PTSD – GET MERT, GET IT NOW! If the VA or insurance will not cover it, seek help with veterans groups to do a crowd source funding to pay for it – it will stem your PTSD, allow you to live a full and happy life and even maybe save your own life or that of a loved one. You do not have to suffer any longer if I were a billionaire, I would pay for each and every veteran to obtain a full MERT treatment course—who knows one day that may in fact one day be the case.

Chris Goldblatt. Santa Barbara, California,
Adult Seeking Help for PTSD


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